Deeper into the Mekong delta

Family outings

Keep each member of the family entertained by a combination of different activities. A great opportunity to spend a full day out with family. Exploring the Mekong delta beyond the floating market by joining our package tours. See more at Mystic Island and Phù Ly Khmer pagoda.

Art & Craft activities


Enjoy cooking classes provided by the chef of L'Escale. Decorating the dishes with fresh, well-formed, and colorful fruits and vegetables through artistic carving by our expert. Discovering our art & craft courses at Cooking class and Fruit and vegetable carving.

Sportive activities


Explore the river on kayak in the countryside of Cần Thơ. Cycle from the center of Cần Thơ into the greener outskirts of the city. See more at Kayaking and Golden hour cycling tour.

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